Sinta Wullur (piano, compositions) and Aura Rascon (bansuri) form the basis of Taradhin.
A collaboration that aims to bring together the musical background of the performers, both trained professionally in Western and Indian classical music. They create new music based on Indian Ragas as focal point. With improvisations on the bansuri and minimalist soundscapes containing repetitive rhythmic patterns like gamelan music on the piano, Sinta and Aura bring mystical trance inducing spiritual music that bridges many cultures.
Taradhin Minimal the duo is extended with the renowned harpist Ernestine Stoop.


Taradhin Duo

Sinta Wullur (NL/ID) - Piano, vocals

Aura Rascon (NL/ME) - Bansuri

Taradhin Minimal

Sinta Wullur (NL/ID) - Piano, vocals

Aura Rascon (NL/ME) - Bansuri
Ernestine Stoop (NL) - Harp

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