Shooting live concerts

Few things in photography are as difficult as taking good pictures during a live concert. The main reason is that there’s not a lot that a photographer can control. The artists on stage are busy doing their show and moving about, using flash is of course off limits so the photographer is at the mercy of the person in charge of the stage lighting.

What’s essential?

Good equipment is very helpful, but the really essential goal for concert photographer is to convey the intensity of the music, the interaction between the musicians and the contact with their audience to the photos and to create a recognizable photographical style.

To get an impression of my work please have a look at the following links. If you like what you see don’t hesitate to get in touch on the contact page so we can work together on getting you some great live shots for your website, album or posters.

See some albums on this page

To get an impression of how photo’s can be used have a look at the Cd/dvd Acoustic Africa booklet. (click on image and open in new browser page to see entire pdf)


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