The Malinese Wassoulou harp 'kamale n'goni', the djembé and traditional African melodies and rhythms form the heart of PaPa GoNi's original compositions. PaPa GoNi combines West African music with inspiring soulful & jazzy vocals. Standing still not an option: Positive vibes and grooves are on the menu!.
PaPa GoNi is building a firm fanbase through performances at festivals and venues all over the Netherlands. Past shows were a.o. @
Zwarte Cross, Podium Grounds, Bird, DJS Jazzpodium, Magneet Festival, Big Rivers, Ruigoord Landjuweel, Amsterdams Terrassen Festival. They’ve also toured with travelling festival Popronde 2017.  End of 2014 they released their first  EP with 6 songs + bonus track followed in october 2015 by the second mini-EP ‘Harvest’.

new album ‘In Bloom’ has been released March 2018.

Sander Berkvens (NL) - drums
Paulus Kock (NL) - bass

Damani Leidsman (SR/NL) - lead vocals

Lauriane Ghils  (MX/BE) -`kamale n'goni, percussion, backing vocals

Frank Jonas (NL) - guitar

Michiel Moerkerk (NL) - kamale n'goni, djembé

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