ALBA GRIOT ENSEMBLE Alba Griot Ensemble is an acoustic folk band, consisting of two Scottish guitarists, Mark Mulholland and Craig Ward, Belgian double bassist Hannes d’Hoine, n’goni player Yacouba Sissoko and percussionist Baba Sissoko, both from Mali, and American guitarist and banjo player Sean Condron. All the musicians sing, and the combination of intricate, intermingled strings, complex melodies and rhythms, and strong vocal harmonies, blends influences from Celtic and Mandingue traditions with blues, jazz and ambient elements.

On September 28th 2018 Alba Griot Ensemble will release it’s first album’The Darkness Between the Leaves”


Mark Mulholland (GB) - Guitar, vocals

Graig Ward (GB) - Guitar, vocals

Hannes d’Hoine (BE) - Double bass, vocals
Yacouba Sissoko (ML) - N’goni, vocals
Baba Sissoko (ML) - Percussion, vocals
Sean Condron (US) - Guitar, banjos, vocals

Booking: NL/BE

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