ML-MUSIC Services was established early 2012 by Renée Missel.
Her aim is to support independant artists, small record labels and other professionals in the world of music with a variety of services.

Having been trained as a teacher Renée’s interest in music dates back from early teenage years. Blues and blues oriented rock music have been her favorites for a long time. But tracing the blues all the way back to it’s African origines opened up a whole new musical world which brought her many discoveries.

New friendships developed when she started combining her love of music with concert photography. And as so often happens, one thing lead to another.

So now, based on many years of experience, ML-MUSIC Services is offering services ranging from artist management, booking, social media management, concert photography and personal assistance. Any suggestions for collaboration, small or big, are welcome, you can get in touch on the contact page.

ML-MUSIC Services presents:

Alba Griot Ensemble
Andra Kouyaté

Jan Wouter Oostenrijk
Mandala Tribe

Mehmet Polat Trio
PaPa GoNi

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